Armor By: Jason Roh

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What is the armor?

The armor was made of metal. The armor was used for protection from the arrows and other weapons. If the armor was strong enough they could block metal arrows or swords. The metal arrows could go through weak armor. In the Middle Ages the armor was really expensive and only the wealthy people could buy the armor. It was made for the knights and the leaders.external image MedievalArmor.jpg

How was armor made?

The blacksmith used melted metal to make the armor. First, the blacksmith would measure the knight’s body. Nex,t to make armor they needed some metal. They took the blacksmith tongs and put the metal in the fire to melt it. Then they used the hammer to make the different parts of the armor. So that’s how to make armor.

What is armor used for?
Armor was used for protecting the knight when he was fighting in battles, playing in tournaments and jousting games. Jousting was when the knights fought against each other by using a lance, and whoever made the other man fall off their horse is the winner!!!!!

What are the different parts of armor?

Knights had different kinds of helmets. Like in 16th century they had Italian Parade helmets. Also they had a helmet that is called Sallet Barbute. In 1500th century they had a dressing helmet for war. The armor changes a lot.In 12th century they used chain mail. Chain mail was made from thousands of iron rings. Long ago, they need hides, leather, bone, bronzes, steel, ballistic cloth, and ceramics to make armor. The plate armor protects the chest. When there is plate armor they start to cover the hand shoulder leg knees. At last they cover all the body.

Information By Book

Knight and Castles BY: Dixon Phili Knights In Armor BY: JOHN. D CLARE Knight BY: Topher Gravett Chris

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