By- Daksh Rawal


In the ancient world, the gods and their sacrifices were so much a part of everyday life that there is no way to separate religious activities from any other kind of activities.
Other times the Christians fought with each other, because they disagreed about the exact details of what a Christian should believe. Church was very powerful and it ruled every part of there life. There were also many Jews throughout Europe at this time, and a fair number of Muslims as well. And in the early Middle Ages, many people in the countryside were still following the old Greek and Roman gods.

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What are churches?
A church is where Christians worship. They are frequently, but not always large. During the middle ages, the main religion was Roman Catholic Church. The head of the church was called a pope. In the middle Ages the Catholic Church in Europe collected a tax of its own, separate from the king’s taxes, which were called a Tithe.

God Punishment
People wanted to go to church and get forgiven by praying to Jesus for their sins and go to heaven after their death. Some of the most powerful men and women in the middle Ages were involved with the Catholic Church. People who went to the church thought that the diseases caused because the god was mad at them. People prayed the whole day and sit in the church.
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In 1200AD, western people began to build Christian churches and places in the Gothic style. People built some small churches here and there in the Visigoth, Vandal, and Merovingian kingdoms, but not much else.

Bishop works in the church, the Bishop has his official seat in the church. Sometimes when a little boy seemed especially smart, his parents would take him to a monastery and leave him there to be taken care of by the monks and educated, and when he grew up he would become a monk. The monks worked in a place called monastery. They lived together in a monastery under the rule of an abbot. They prayed five times a day, and went to mass.

Why was it important?
It was important because it was the only church. It was really rich and powerful. There were large coffer in the church. There were also bishops in the church. All schools taught about the gods, all meals were sacred to the gods, and all meat was sacrificed to the gods, and pretty much all politicians were also priests, while the Roman emperors were gods
themselves. The churches were sometimes against the Muslims
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