By: Alice 4T #5

How was Clothing Made?

Clothing was very important in Middle Ages. The clothes were made with the spinning wheel. Most of the people made clothing by themselves like the peasants and serfs. But now the tailors does these work. They got the sheep’s wool and used the spinning wheel to make yarn, and then made clothes. Only the girls and the women did this work, not the boys, or the men.


How Were Clothing and Shoes Different Comparing the Royal to Serfs?

The streets in the Middle Ages were very muddy and damp. The noble women didn’t want to get themselves wet and dirty. So they wore shoes that had high soles (heels). Sometimes, the noble women slipped or wobbled because of the hight soles, so their servants had to hold them. People that had long pointy shoes meant they are not working. When they are working, like the farmers, they wear leather boots. The lords, ladies, and their servants wore colorful clothes opposite than the peasants’ and serfs’ cheap clothes.

What about Clothing for Men, Women, Girls, and Boys?

The men woke up at dawn and went to work. When the men were working, the women did the housework. The women also got the wool for clothes and wove. When it was near winter, they killed the animals they were growing for food, and because they won’t have enough food for themselves if they also feed the animals. The women wore just plain clothes like tunics. The men also wore plain clothes. They were dirty because they didn't wash themselves a lot. They had only 2 pairs of outer clothes like vests and jackets. But both of their clothes were dirty and stinky. P u! But the nobles had more clothes. The king, queen, and the royal people had better expensive clothes like clothes made out of silk.

What about Clothing at Ceremonies?

On ceremonies, people wore colorful, fancy, pretty clothes. They also had the knights’ ceremonies, when a person becomes a knight. They wore black shoes and socks which meant DEATH… They wore white vesture that symbolized PURITY… And they wore a red robe which meant NOBILITY. So there also were meanings for clothes.

Middle Ages Clothing and Now

external image 40_clothing.jpg clothing-of-nobleman.jpg

Middle Ages
Wash clothes with water from river or lake or well
Washer, water from tap
Not many clothes, 2 garments most of the time
(for poor people)

Many clothes for most people
Make own clothes (Mostly)
Buy clothes (Mostly)
Little rich people with good, fancy, rich clothes
Many rich people with good clothes

So, if you lived at the time of the Middle Ages, would you like the peasants' and the serfs' clothing? The dirty old ragged ones? Or would you like the pretty clean clothes like the nobles or the king? I would like to be a noble girl. I like fancy colorful clothes. I don't like to be dirty and smelly.






The Middle Ages ------------ By: Jane Shuter