Entertainment By Eiji

What is Entertainment?

Entertainment was an important part of the middle ages because the entertainment could make the people happy so they won't be bored. Tournaments were a favorite part of entertainment in the middle ages. They made board games and instruments. Food was also entertainment in the middle ages. The person who are going to make the king laugh was a scary job because if they didn't make the king laugh he will get thrown into the dungeon.

What games did they play?

The game was emportant in the middle ages becuse they could play alot so that they will be happy always.They played the checkers.Checkers was used for planning how the knights would fight in battle. The poor people didn't play a lot because they didn't have time because they have to work always.They played marbles and climbed trees. Melees are a sport that is part of the tournament It can be played two ways They can fight on horseback or they could fight on foot. They also play Golf and soccer. hurdy_gurdy.jpgMusic in the Middle Ages In the middle ages there was lots of music because they loved entertainment. Music could be heard in houses, at markets, churches and at tournaments. They played organs, bells and hurdy gurdy, lute, and pipe. Hurdy- gurdies is a big instrument that two people play. fair10.jpgWhat kind of sports did they have? They played games in tournaments, like Jousting and Melees. Jousting is a game that was the number one favorite in entertainment.Jousting is played by two knights riding on a horse and holding a lance. They rode the horse toward each other and tried to knock the knight off the horse with the lance. What games did they play? What toys did they have? Children played with toys. Some toys are Hobby horses. Girls played with the puppets. They had rattles, bells, drums, blunt swords, paper dolls, kites, paper wind mills, marbles, ball games, and hoops. toys.jpg Website that I use. Images http://members.cox.net/alysoun/CustomGurdy.jpg http://www.thttp://g4middleages.wikispaces.com/ http://www.historyforkids.org/learn/medieval/games/index.htm Website http://www.historyforkids.org/learn/medieval/games/index.htm Entertainmentimetravel-britain.com/articles/1photos/travel/fair10.jpg http://www.historyforkids.org/learn/medieval/games/index.htm


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