Inside the castle


What were the castles for? What was the purpose of building it? What was it like around the castle? Who lived in the castle? How many rooms in the castle? What was it like inside the castle? Well, go ahead and readtop find out!

What were they for?

They were homes for lords, kings, nobles, and any kind of powerful people who lived in the Middle Ages. Sometimes, they had some wars around the castle. If there were wars, then there will be no food. Then peasants and serfs would bring food and live in the castle. It was also a sort of protection to the village behind the castle.

What was it like around the castle?

There was moat surrounding the castle, and over the moat, there was a drawbridge. The drawbridge was able to be pulled incase there are attackers (enemies) around, trying to come over the castle. Then, there will be moat around the castle, so they can’t come over easily. They would have to swim or do something to attack, but they will be tired by the time with their heavy armors. There might be crocodiles in the moat.

===Who lived in the castle? ||
Action || ||
king ||
Rule, eat & sleep … || ||
queen ||
Give birth to babies, especially boy babies || ||
noble ||
Give orders || ||
Powerful lords/lords ||
Give orders || ||
prince ||
Learn how to rule, read, and write anything that king must know how to do. || ||
princess ||
Learn things like reading, writing play. || ||
Lady ||
dance || ||
Priest ||
advice || ||
Knight ||
Guard, fight || ||
Juggler ||
juggle || ||
Musician ||
play || ||
Taster ||
Taste || ||
planter ||
plant || ||
Chief cook ||
Cook for meals all day! || ||
carver ||
carve || ||
Spinner ||
Spin to make cloth || ||
sweeper ||
sweep ||

How many rooms in the castle? /What was it like inside the castle?castle.jpg

There was…
-Great hall
-Guard room
-Small church
-Store room
-Master bedroom
Wow! 22 rooms altogether sometimes!


Well, what do you think about living in the castle? Do you want to live in the castle?I warn you. Be careful when you enter the castle. The knights might think that you are a stranger and attack!castle.2.jpgI will tell you. The castle is very dark, cold & damp!