What laws did knights follow?

The knights followed a code called chivalry. It is how knights behaved. They would fight in a fair fight and always be humble. They also had to be loyal to the king. The knights also had to defend the weak. The peasants were weak and some were farmers. T he knights protected the peasants and the farmers from enemies who want to take over their kingdom or wanted to distroy the kingdom

How to becom a knight?When you are a boy turned eight years old he would be taken to the castle. There he would be assigned to a knight who would train him. The boy would be called a page. The weapons they used were spears, arrows and swords. As soon as they became 15 they are called a squire. Squires had to clean all the knights armor, feed the horses and also feed the knights. As soon they are finished with their training they had to prove them selves worthy to become a knight. They had to compete in a tournament and must win to become a knight. Also if you want to become a knight you have to buy weapons. you also had to traind very well also thats why you could becom a knight.

What was their life like ? external image battle.jpg

The knight’s life was very hard because the only meal of the day was breakfast. When they went to battle they had to carry weapons and their armor. The armor and weapons were very heavy. But they also had a good life because they had good food to and nice homes to live in.They also had to go to battle wich it was very bad

What are knights?

The knights are soldiers dressed up in metal called armor. They fought for the king, the land and also for glory. They were also honest to the king. Knights protected the land and the king.the knight always had to proteced the king because he was the most important pursun in the kingdom. they also had to protec the people who live in the kingdom like the sufs because they are people grew crops for food for the knights and the king

What weapons did they use?The weapons the knights used were called bows, crossbows, swords, axes, spears, catapults, maces, shields, battle hammer s and they had lances. Lances were used for knight games. The knights’ swords weighed 30 poundsso it is very heavy so it must be very hard fpr them. The anly time they could use there weapons were when they are chaging to battle or deafending in battle

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