Medicine By:Jackie

What made when you get sick?

In the Middle Ages, the people felt lots of pain and suffering. But the doctors didn’t know many medicine.They thought the bad blood smell make and them sick. They also thought that th god was punishing them.

Who were the doctors?
In the Middle Ages, there were lots of doctors. But the doctors lived castle or in the city. they didn't want to cure poor people, because they wanted the money from nobles, which made them greedy poeple

What were some of the diseases?
The diseases were smallpox, dysentery, respiratory illness, malaria, and including syphilis. But the bad Black Death killed lots of people, more than the other diseases. Black Death started from rats, then it spread to fleas, the fleas bit people.

How did they cure disease?

The doctors didn’t know how to cure diease. They used onion, garlic, tobacco, arsenic, and dried toads to cure poor people. They Medicine.gifdidn’t have lots of medicine. So they couldn't cure many people. They took out some blood and drink. They also drilled the head, because they thought the brain got bad smell.