This is all about castles. The castle was where the king, queen and the nobles lived but the king and the queen lived there. The castle had lots of defenses so it could not be taken over from their enemies. The castle is the most important thing in the whole country or state. If it is captured the people that captured it became the leader.

How did they build the castles?

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did you know that the frist castle ever bulid was made out of wood? They where smart enough because they bulid it out of cement. The castles used cement blocks that where put together to build the walls of the castle. The people that build the castle used hammers. The hammer was probably used to bend the metal. The other tools that they used to make castles were a frame saw, carpenters ax, carpenters brace, and the mason ax. Also they used to cut the blocks with a carpenter’s saw.

What where the different parts of the castle?

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The different parts of the castles are the moats, the draw bridge, and the towers and the bailey. The towers were used as look outs to see if enemies where coming. They where also used for archers in battle if enemies attacked the castle. The moats where like swamps around the castle. The draw bridge was used for the villagers to come in the castle for emergency. The bailey was where the villagers went when the emergency were going on. The towers were used for war if the enemies were attacking. The castle towers where archers could fire there arrows to their enemies. Also in the castle in the tower there would be a solider in war because if an enemy solider is going up there the solider would kill the enemy that is going up there. So it is a really good idea because now archers in towers are used as snipers. Also the towers are used for people to look out for their enemies if they are going to attack.
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How did the castle protect it self?

The castle protects it self by putting a draw bridge and a moat. The moat was to protect the castle by water. The moat sometimes had spikes and dangerous animals like crocodiles and some eels. Also the moat is for the enemies. This works like this. First: The enemies come and attack. Second: The people in the castle pull up the draw bridge. Third: The enemies fall in the moat and they can’t swim because the armor they are wearing. The knights can get eaten from a crocodile or drown. The draw bridge is used for a regular bridge but you can pull it up. The draw bridge is also for the villagers to come in from the attack from their enemies.

How many guards out side the castle?

There was FIVE HUNDRED GUARDS! Can you believe that! Do you know why they had to put five hundred guards? Because the castle needed to be protected because probably the castle had lots of enemies. Also they had those guards because they had to have so many look outs for their enemies.

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By: Michael Thiha whalen