Middle Age Crime and Punishments

There were many kinds of laws and punishments in the middle ages. If you became a criminal you could be images.jpgpunished badly.
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-If you are a pirate, you could be hanged.
-If you are a murderer, say goodbye to your head because your head will become chopped off.
-If you are a burglar, they would take off your nails. They could cut off all your fingers. Even your hand!
-If you were a traitor to the king, you would be hanged or left to rot in the castle dungeon.
-If you were a rebel, you would be left in the dungeon gallows1.jpgfor 1 or 2 years.
-If you were a plotter, you would be hanged.
-If you were an outlaw, your head would be cut off, you would be tortured, or you will be touched with hot iron for so long that the mark would be red for the rest of your life. When you are about to get branded, they put a mark on you to make sure you actually get branded
-If you were a counterfeiter, your hand would be chopped off or they would tie lighted candles on your fingers until your finger nails melt.
-If you were a corrupt official, you would be hanged.
-If you were an enemy agent or spy, you would be tortured until you spit out everything you

know about the enemy. You could also be burned alive!

Where Were You Punished?

They punished people in the castle dungeon at the king’s castle. Some of the powerful lords can punish people.They also punished people in front of the castle ,if their head was going to be chopped off. Sometimes they are punished in the town’s middle where they get hanged for others to see as an example. Some people get punished at the church. They would be punished at the church if they didn’t go to church. They would get punished in the church because they didn’t do any praying.

What Were The Punishments For Children?

Spanking was a common punishment for children. They spanked them when they were naughty. Spanking someone in the royal family was illegal. They believed that people from the royal family were gods and were impossible to hit a god. Instead, to punish the prince, they had whipping boys. The whipping boy is a very close friend to the prince. The whipping boy has the same nobility as the prince. The punishment for the prince is to watch his close friend get punished instead of him.


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