Middle Ages Weapons


In the middle ages, they had many weapons. They used the weapons for war, to protect the castle and to punish the people.


Kinds of Weapons

Mace- is a long pole made of wood or metal with a head that is made from stone, iron, bronze or steel. The head has dangerous spikes.

external image battelaxes2.jpg
  • Polearm- is a long pole that they used for war and chop off the head with a blade on the end.external image quarter.jpg

  • Quarterstaff- is a long pole that can defend from the blade. This weapon is 6-9 feet long.
external image Yorkshire%20BillHook.jpg
  • Billhook- is a curved knife which is hook-shaped. The end is an axe. It can also be used as a farming tool.
external image 12161799982075078511StefanvonHalenbach_Battle_axe_medieval.svg.hi.png
  • Battleaxe- is a weapon could be mounted on either a long shaft, measuring up to 5ft or a short shaft measuring 1ft

The Knight’s Weapons

external image china_trebuchet1.jpg
A knight’s most important weapon was his sword. Most popular kind was the double edge cutting sword. A knight’s might also hang a second great sword from his saddle. Another important weapon was his lance, along wooden spear tipped with steel. Another weapon is trebuchet looked liked a giants slingshot and could knock down the walls of the castle. Peasants did not had armor to protect. They fought with axes or bows and arrows and carried a round shield. Sometimes the knights carried a spiked club to bosh the enemy.